Blast Mask is Missing

Can you find it?!?

What is BMIM?

The Blast Mask is missing! Jimmie1717 was going to do Low%, but now he can't! We have to find it before it's too late!
- Tatl

Blast Mask is Missing (BMIM) are puzzle hacks where the Blast Mask has been hidden some where in the game. Clues have been left behind leading to it's location. It's up you to solve the clues and get back what is rightfully yours!

Every part is independent of one another. Meaning it doesn't matter what order you play them in. Playing one part will not inherently help you solve another.

The following is some general information you are going to want to know about BMIM.

All of the main clues are in the form of the Wooden Square Signs. They are never the Wooden Arrow Signs which appear in some places in the game. These signs are never invisible, but may be hidden inside other objects. Additionally all normal signs are not removed and are left in place.

All Tingles and Dungeon Maps/Compasses are removed. This is to prevent the possibility of just getting a map and/or compass and then being able to see the Blast Mask chest on the map.

Going to the Moon is much quicker. When entering the Clock Tower to go to the top it will instead take you straight to the Moon. This means Oath to Order is not required to get there. I felt this was the best option if I wanted to place any clues on the Moon. Additionally talking to the Child with Majora's Mask on will take you back to South Clock Town.

Some areas have two versions of it such as Southern Swamp for example. There is the Poisoned Swamp and there is the Cleaned Swamp. If the clue location does not specify which one then it can be assumed it will appear in both. Otherwise it will only appear in the one specifically mentioned.

Ready to get started? Select the part you would like to play and download the patch file. Use the ROM Patcher to patch either the USA ROM or WAD.

Nintendo 64

Patching the ROM

Open the Patcher
Browse to and Select the Majora's Mask ROM (USA)
Browse to and Select the BMIM Nintendo 64 Patch
Select Apply Patch
Save the new ROM

Patch Chests

Wii Virtual Console

Patching the WAD

Open the Patcher
Browse to and Select the Majora's Mask WAD (USA)
Browse to and Select the BMIM Wii VC Patch
Select Apply Patch
Save the new WAD

Patch Chests

Any parts that have been altered from the original to make them easier display the following icon. Edit

The original version will still be available.